Oct 9, 2008

Mamma Mia!

It's been a while since i've been out to the movies. And since I have been through some truly terrible 'morning sickness' this week..in order to cheer me up, hubby took me to go see Mamma Mia!


Made me smile..made me laugh and made the ABBA songs sound funny in a good kinda way! Definitely a movie to catch when you're feeling down and maybe it's a chick flick but hubby enjoyed it just as much as i did.

I overheard somewhere someone said tanak tgk Mamma Mia sbb tak sanggup nak tgk Pierce Brosnan prancing around..to them it didn't seem right. Well..spoiler sedikit. He did NOT pranced around..although he's much better off as an actor than a singer, but it was bearable la.

Donna and the Dynamos ARE HILARIOUS!!!!!Honestly the kind of friendship I wish me and my gurls would be able to have when we are older!

I think it's very smart to actually be able to incoporate the ABBA songs into a storyline. And the storyline is cute! I love the dance routines coz they're soooooo funny!It looked like the entire cast had A LOT of fun doing the movie.

Definitely a movie i'd go and see again when i'm not so under the weather. But even if I am, the movie is sooo sunshiny..puts a smile on your face..

Plus the fact that it was filmed in the Greek Islands..definitely my feel good movie!

5 STARS!!*****

*uh-oh..dunno if it's true or not but I heard Mamma Mia the Musical will be at Istana Budaya this December..will update when I get the facts right..*


  1. oh..best yer?? nnt aku tgk. bole jugak menghiburkan hati aku yang lara kesepian. kau nk tgk for the second time?? hahahaah.

    p/s: thanks membantu aku dlm esemen aku yg gampang. hahahah. kamu saviour aku..walaupun sedikit.

  2. anster..
    nak..JOM! kau belanja since aku dah tolong kau dgn assignment kau!hahaha!

    haa..pk plot nak ajak 'org' dating laa tu!hahah!best..mesti 'dia' suka! :P

  3. sasha
    masa terluang
    mau tengok wayang
    bersama kamu
    aku belanja kamu
    sbb tlg aku
    sungguh aku tak rugi
    berkawan dgn kamu.

  4. Aaaaaa... sungguh jeles! nak tgk gak, tp asik tunda2.

    Mesti nnt tiba2 dh tkder kt wayang... huhu...

  5. puteri fiona..

    takpe..tak sempat kat wayang DVD dah keluar..confirm clear copy...saya sudah ada copy saya..

    berbaloi..sungguh berbaloi

    *dah 4 kali tgk!hahaha!*



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