Oct 29, 2008

Boring New Me

Was going through my spam mails (which I mostly get from Facebook or Friendster) and I was suprised to get a notification for my old blog which I had on Friendster previously. Someone left a comment on one of my old posts (it's about a year old laa) and had caused me to re-read my old posts from that blog.

A walk down memory lane....

I was kinda surprised that I had FAR MORE interesting things to say in my old blog. It even made me think "Was that even me who wrote it?" (Just incase you're curious what my old blog is all about..click here )

Those were the days when I was constantly lost..down on my luck..broke..and basically slightly depressed. Though it doesn't entirely sound depressing, but it has a few posts that I was just fed-up with almost everything.

But somehow..the old me sounded inspiring (chewah..puji diri sendiri! But then sape lagi nak puji aku kalau tak diri sendiri kan?) I somehow sounded pretty optimistic despite the situation that I was really in. And hoooo boy...it truly was a depressing situation. I definitely sounded more interesting that what I post here in this blogsite..heheh!

My conclusion..when life gets you down..that's when you're most inspired..(no wonder there are so many artists who comes up with heartbreaking depressing music..ever wonder why an aspiring artist is ALWAYS struggling and are a junkie for emo depressing situations? Guess that's when they get their creative juices the most...)
But when you're happy and have everything going for you...you become a boring mundane person!hahah!like what I am nowadays! :P

I guess back in the days I had sooooooooo much to complain..and I had soooo much pent-up anger in me..and I had to let it out. But nowadays..honestly I have nothing to complain about. I have almost anything that I could have ever wished for..so I'm not so inspired..or passionate about anything..I'm just so very CONTENT....

Do I like being content? Yes of course...But don't get me wrong..I loved every moment of my crazy life before..both good and bad (OK..so maybe not so much on the bad stuffs) It made me who I am today..someone who appreciates the fact that the cloud has moved on and the sun is shining oh so very brightly. So i'm just soaking up all the sunshine!

I know there will be clouds in the future..but remembering who I was...and how I survived..I guess I will be okay..no matter what the situation..

Just remember that god only gives you a hand that you can handle...because if it doesn't kill you, it will only make you stronger..

*i'm so grown up!wakakakaka!*

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