Feb 13, 2012

Watermelon to Yoga to Labor Signs to Missing my baby Girl

I wanted to start this post with Watermelons in my mind. Then I started to think about my waiting to get into labor (am 36 almost 37weeks now) and at the same time, thinking about my little baby girl who's not feeling so well right now (mild fever and heat rashes all over body - gonna get the doc check it in the morning)

So I don't know where this post will take us. You'll just have to read on.

Quoting from The Sound of Music -
Let's start at the very beginning...

Watermelons..must be wondering why I'm thinking of watermelons. Well, many of my girlfriends seems to be pregnant this year (actually, not only this year, but almost every year..I think we're at that age) Either they'll be 'popping' soon (like moi..) or just found out the great news (expecting a bub) and the not so great news (morning sickness). Enter watermelon.
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I have a very active BBMgroup consisting of my high school friends. Oh! the conversations we have there..would be too explicit to even be discussed here! LOL! It's like having girl talk constantly, anytime, anywhere. Conversation could start with an innocent question (which almost always begins about food - or someone hungry - pregnant or not) to having babies and everything in between..:P so anyway..

As I've mentioned, many are expecting this year (and no it's not because we're superstitious about the year of the Dragon) so we're sharing tips and experiences on what to expect, what to do, what not to do..(and everything in between :P) So aaaaanyway..(going wayy off course here)..Just wanted to say that if you're in your first trimester and not so lucky in the morning sickness department as I have been..try Watermelons.

The resident doctor in the bbmgroup suggested it. She said its full of minerals and water (google watermelon nutrition - it's rich in pottasium and fibre, an anti-oxidant and low in saturated fat, but careful if you're diabetic, sugar content quite high) So it's really good if you seem to be vomiting a lot (like me!) and have no appetite (like me!) or your body just seems to be rejecting whatever you eat or drink (like me too!) Watermelons can help at least keep you hydrated. Sigh..if only the girls had told me this earlier. Would've prolly help me with my first trimester. I couldn't even consume plain water back then

You can also try Yoga to help with your nausea and labor too. Now this one, I had ALL intentions of trying out. But as usual (get ready for the excuses peeps!)..I was in Perlis. Doubt there was any yoga centres there. And the yoga person/teacher I would've like to try has just only recently started her Pre-natal Yoga classes (and at a VERY affordable price too) and being so close to labor, I can hardly walk..you'd think I can do yoga this late in pregnancy? (I've NEVER done yoga too) but if you're interested (and you're in KL laa), check out Upward Yoga located in Saujana, PJ (literally across the street to my house!) for more info. But I have every intention of trying out her classes once I give birth and finished my confinement..we'll see how that goes when the time comes ok?

So..next is me.

How am I doing you may ask? Well, I just had my 36week checkup last friday. If you're following me on twitter you'd know I've been getting false alarms since thursday. Interesting enough, I came across an article while I was waiting for my turn at the clinic..

Pre-labor Signs
Braxton Hicks (check!)
Lose bowel movements (check!)
Vaginal Discharge (check! - you didn't have to know that..sorry!)
Back ache (check!)
Bloody show (uncheck..)

and some old wives tales signs
Feet swelling twice (check!)
Second flu during pregnancy (check!) - not too sure about this one tho so don't take my word on it!

Doctor ignored me when I said I was starting to show signs of labor. I guess he knows better :P. Well, for one thing, the baby has moved its position..head not engaged. But that can change towards the very last minute. But he did say that if I AM in labor, I'm good to go. It's an OK to give birth at 36 weeks. So his advice to me was, come to the hospital when I experience any of the following:

1. Water bag breaks
2. Bloody show
3. Contractions every 10 minutes

These last few weeks of pregnancy is always the worst time for me. I am still paranoid that history might repeat itself, and having high pain threshold level, I'm scared I might not know if I AM in labor...Those scenes you see in movies about the women screaming and shouting in pain when they're about to go into labor??Those are LIES!

I mean, labor pains are painful..but not to the extend you want to scream bloody murder...more towards writhe in pain is more like it.

So, my maternity bag is packed. I'm nicely being lazy in the house (I owe mom BIG time for this)..So I have nothing to do but wait..

And last but definitely never last on my mind..my terrible yet adorable little girl.

As I've mentioned in my previous post, CKD has been pretty trying..scratch that..VERY trying lately. Blame it on the 'Terrible Two' syndrome or her instincts that someone new is joining the family soon, we've developed this love-hate relationship. Mostly tantrums (by her) and shouting (by me). But she developed a fever with heat rashes all over her body this morning and refused to be cuddled by me. And I was heartbroken...

As much as she's been driving both my mom and I nuts lately, I miss playing with her. When she's in one of her cute modes, she can truly steal your heart with her antics. In a way, I can't wait to deliver this baby so I can play with CKD more comfortably. CKD can be quite rough in her ways, a bit of a tom boy (kicks a ball like a boy tho!) and most of the time it's very uncomfortable for me to play with her especially when she starts to climb all over me and presses on my bulging belly. Plus she's so active, constantly wanting to run or be chased after or carried around or be taken to the playground, none of which I am capable of doing in my current condition.

So yes..she may be right in front of me, but honest truth, I miss her.

Soon ok baby girl..soon we'll play til your heart's content!

OK..I guess I've had my dose of ramblings. A big chance I might already be a mom of TWO in my next post..so wish me luck and pray that all will go well for both baby and I.

A big chance I might be back sooner than u think..whichever..take care peeps!


  1. byknye kena tau. braxton hicks tu apa noks.

    hahaha. nnt i gugel. h, aritu dr idris check toot toot u la? hahaha.

  2. Congrats to you and nizar and CKD in advance for your 2nd baby. Update your good news in twitter eh

  3. nice opinion.. thanks for sharing....



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