Feb 5, 2012

The Long Weekend Well Spent (so far)

Yes, I am 35 weeks into my pregnancy and that is how long I haven't blogged. I've actually no reason to give you since we have been Unified for about a month now except for my extreme laziness. But maybe the nesting mode is kicking in and I'm thinking "The heck of keeping things on track, I'll just pick up where I left whenever I feel like it and just start to ramble on the current stuffs now"

If not now when, right?

So today we had my FIL's birthday celebration at Prince Hotel, KL . We had an ALL YOU CAN EAT dim sum..the perfect lunch for a person with a monstrous appetite like me. And all I can eat I did.  Being a rookie with dim sum, I don't think I'm the right person to review the food. They got me at "All you can Eat". Just google "Tai Zi Heen, Prince Hotel - All You Can Eat Dim Sum" and out pops many detailed reviews. Just to update, the price is about RM65++ per person and go there early on an empty stomach..(it's on every Weekends and Public Holidays and starts from 11.30am-2.30pm)

The family minus suami (cameraman) and CKD & Aleya - CKD was prolly bossing Aleya around

YEE SANGGG!!!!! Finally can scratch that off from my cravings list

The little girl who didn't want to stop playing when everyone else wanted to eat - hence the red eyes and nose from crying when people refused to entertain her. Temper! Temper! Temper!

And just when everyone else finished eating she suddenly decides she wants to sit down and drink soup *facepalm & headache*
We arrived at 11.30am and stayed til as my BIL puts it "I feel like I'm going to throw up from being to full!" Left close to 2pm..good food!

Then we dropped off my in-laws at The Royal Chulan Hotel as that was where FIL got his complimentary stay (oh the privileges he gets..one day I hope suami and I will get to enjoy his kind of stature) and headed back home. And the little girl? The moment we got into the car, she went straight to la la land..phew!

Went home and dropped CKD off. Told suami I was still teensy bit hungry and was craving for some CBTL Vanilla Ice Blended and RV cake. And it was only 4pm (I KNOW!! told ya I had a monstrous appetite!!!) So we headed to Empire Shopping Mall to get my fix of RV cake from Whisk (they make the best RV cakes and cuppies! Not a fan of macarons, but ppl seem to rave about their macarons too). And this time,  actually managed to FINISH the entire slice of RV cake!!!!!!
It's sinfully rich and thick! Normally I could only finish half of this!
Had some 'us' time with suami. Talked about a few things and I complained about a few things..but it was nice to just be able to pay attention to each other for a while without having a toddler constantly harassing us.

So after our 'short-date' (we don't get to do that often nowadays..sigh..I wish we could), we headed home to pick up CKD and went to the pet store. Suami has been sulking about getting a fish tank for a REALLY long while and he'd come out with numerous arguments about why, how, etc etc we should have one. I caved in..he was gonna pay for it himself anyway. Might as well keep the old man happy right?

CKD was ecstatic at the pet store, even tho there were only fishes and fish tanks and the works there. She has become obsessed with animals..knows what a cat is (meommm..not meow), a fish, birds and goats (and it goes hek hek hek) A big improvement from when she was younger when all animals was a cat..heheh!

So after choosing the aquarium (a pretty nice one too), the plant and 8 little guppies..off we went home. Suami, like a little kid with a new toy got to work on the aquarium straight away and I must say, it's a pretty nice addition to all the other crap we have on our teak shelves.

So that's pretty much what happened today. My days aren't always this productive. Since becoming a SAHM, my days normally starts at 10am (I'm up by 6.30am actually, to see suami off to work, then I'd go back to sleep because I won't normally sleep well at night. Baby bump getting really big and heavy)

CKD would wake me up by pounding at the door once she wakes, then it's watching her watching Nick Jr. I'd try to get some breakfast, which is usually just a cup of coffee and a few dinner rolls or just skip brekkie and have lunch (which is a constant dilemma for me and my mom - What to eat? What to cook?) Then CKD will take her nap - not without a battle - around 2.30 til about 4 or 5pm and that is when me and my mom will get some peace while watching out Korean Drama on tv. We'd normally be exhausted to do anything but this is also when Mom and I will get ourselves groomed (if you wanna call getting a shower, solat and make the bed that) and have some peace.

At 22 months..CKD is the classic 'Terrible Two'! Statement has been backed up by everyone (my brother, my in-laws, my relatives - and these people have been through it and none said they've seen anyone like her!) She has this excessive energy and determination that just drains me and my mom out. I think my mom secretly wants to up and leave if it weren't for my pregnant condition. So do NOT be deceived by her cuteness..

So yeah..I am 35 weeks pregnant now. Looking VERY pregnant obviously..although I'm not as huge as I was with my other pregnancies. I think this might be because of the running after the little girl..So far it has been a pretty good pregnancy except for the first 4 months (VERY bad morning sickness) and recently, my appetite and stomach has managed to triple itself!

So that is my excuse for not updating my blog..Exhaustion..(and borderline losing my mind)

She's pounding on the door demanding attention now. I better go before she starts screaming bloody murder with her crocodile tears..

See you soon peeps!

*I'm wishing the next baby will be less handful - hence my strategy is in the name!!*

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  1. attention seeker. dapat dari sapa ni CKD? ish ish ish.



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