Feb 19, 2012

I am a mother of TWO girls

Alhamdulillah..baby's here and its a GIRL :)

Went to the hospital on thursday night. My pain was probably triggered due to a panic state my suami caused by his asthma attack. He was almost asphyxiated after playing with Keisha. Thank god I heard him coughing in a funny way only to find him red faced. Gave him a few puffs of Keisha's ventolin and alhamdulillah he got better after.

But..I started to get pain in my lower abdominal area and my stomach was contracting and it wouldn't go away..so off to the hospital we went.

I was 1cm dilated and having contractions but it wasn't regular. So I was admitted for observation for the night. Morning came and I was still only 1cm dilated so the doctor decided to put me on the drip(with some meds I'm not sure what) to help regulate my contractions and speed up my dilation.

Contractions got more intense as the day progressed and by evening I was 3cm dilated. The doctor hoped that by midnight I would be ready to go..but I was still only 3cm dilated that evening.

The next morning, he checked and I was 4cm dilated and decided to break my waterbag. And the pain begins..

Contractions got so intense that I gave in to a Pethidine injection. At around 4.30pm the contractions was really close and really intense. The nurses started to worry about the baby because everytime I was having a contraction, her heart rate would go down.

So with only 8cm dilated, with the help of a vacuum (which popped out when I started to push) and forceps..I pushed my baby girl out into the world.

Che Rania Marissa and I
She was born on 18 February 2012 at 5.42pm, weighing 3.07kg and beautiful as ever.

So we are still at the hospital so far both of us are doing great. She sleeps most of the time, probably the after effect of the Pethidine, but otherwise, she alright.

It's a totally different experience this time round (and definitely more painful) but alhamdulillah, I'm glad we both made it through safely.

So okay peeps..I'm off to focus on recovering and being a mom of TWO..

Wow..it's still surreal for me..

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