Jul 8, 2011

Korean Girl?

A couple of weeks ago I went to town to get some fabric for our raya outfits. Kangar has limited choice, but I love the quaint old shops that they have here.

It was quite a long walk from the parking lot to the shop that we were heading for so I made CKD wear a hat to protect her from the really hot mid-morning sun.

You see, we're used to having strangers coming up to CKD and complimenting on how fair and cute she is (and it makes me uncomfortable when people do that, especially when they try to pick her up too). Most of the time, the little girl would give her fake smiles. But sometimes (to my horror!) she would let them pick her up. Sigh..little kids are so oblivious of any dangers..

But this time, with the hat, people kept on saying and asking "Eee..comelnya. Macam anak korea. Bapak dia orang Korea ke?" ("Eee..so cute. Like a korean girl. Is her father korean?")

I'm like..HELLO! her sepet eyes are from ME! Fine, her fair skin may be because of her father, but she looks really asian because of ME! hmph! hahahahahah!

Oh well..her ayah is more than happy to know people thought he was korean. But I think this is probably because of my obsession towards Rain when I was pregnant with Keisha..hehe!

My mom's malay and people say my dad's korean. NOT!
ok..ok..I am VERY thankful that my babygirl is cute. But I really hope she won't warm up to strangers too much. Please don't give mama any heart attacks babygirl!

Now I suddenly miss her a lot. Been 4 nights since she hasn't slept with me because I'm still recovering from my flu. And I haven't much energy to play with her when I get back from work everyday. Tonight mama will gomol you til you cry!ngehehehe!

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