Jul 7, 2011

It's Contagious!

Sorry I have been quiet. Suami came over for the weekend so I took Monday off so I could have a long weekend with suami. Was really nice having him around and I didn't realize how much I missed him til he got here.

But he left with a gift for both little CKD and me..the FLU!

Yep..we're still recovering from it but getting better.

On a different note, we have news to share..

EDD March 7, 2012

Hehe..yep..we're expecting a new addition to the family soon *huge grin*

And yes, I do think it's contagious. Being pregnant I mean..LOL! Because almost everyone in my current office is expecting a baby, my friends either just had one or is expecting soon and most of the bloggers I follow are also expecting. LOL!

I guess hearing them talk about expecting a new person probably put my hormones on overdrive and made me superbly fertile!haha!

So yeah people..I'm 6 weeks preggers and so far the crazy hormones hasn't kicked in yet. I hope they don't this time round. I've got school to go to...or at least let this flu be gone first..It would be REALLY terrible to go through morning sickness and having the flu at the same time...

Well..here's hoping for a happy pregnancy and a healthy baby..Amin!

So Mak Buyung is back!!

*and maybe I might have a rockstar buyung with me this time?ngehehehe*



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