Apr 20, 2011

My Baby is ONE!

 future pianist?

My baby turned one yesterday. How time has flown and how she has grown. From a meek little girl who does nothing but sleep throughout most of the day, she won't stay put anymore, not even for a bit. Even throws tantrum when it's nap time coz she still hasn't had enough of playtime. 
naaaww..i just love to play!

Getting clever everyday with new tricks and antics.
yoga anyone?

But she is the perfect little charmer..capturing people's heart with that cheeky smile of hers.
first trip (second actually, this was taken during the flight back home) on an aeroplane
felt like you were just born yesterday (keisha @ 1day old)
Happy birthday dear little Keisha..Soon you will no longer be little but in my heart, you will always be my little girl, my love and my life..

in front of her birthday cake - rainbow+smarties cake made with love by her Aunty Julie (who claims that Keisha is her baby sometimes..hehe!)

Pictures were taken when we were back in KL for a week last week (except for the one when she was a day old of course). She had so much fun playing with the cuzzies (and I guess the cuzzies had equally as much fun - and possibly her mak tok and wan too..hik!) I loved being back in KL, which meant I had suami around. A week flew by in a blink of an eye.

Back in Perlis now and back to the nice laid-back life, but can get lonely without suami around :( Well, at least I have the cheeky little girl with me. She hasn't started walking yet, but forcing everyone to hold her as she tries to walk as if she's an expert. Sigh..but cheeky, clever little girl...you can never get enough of CKD...

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