Apr 9, 2011

The simple life in Perlis

I took this picture while waiting at the traffic light on the way to work yesterday. The motorcyclist had just help close the door of the car that wasn't shut properly. And later proceeded to have a chat while waiting for the light to turn green.

Blissful eh? To be able to trust people around you. No worries about driving the car with the window down..

When I was in KL, I was paranoid as hell driving in town. All the stories I heard about being robbed while waiting at the lights or while waiting in the car or even while being stuck in traffic! The Modus Operandi would be the motorcyclist will smash your car window and grab your handbag that's sitting on the passenger!

And latest I heard, there's some crazy dude on a motorcycle going around splashing acid to people, targeting random ladies in cars!

You could suffocate from all the paranoia from living in KL.

But I'm not saying that EVERYONE here in Perlis are virtuous. Take my recent incident where my handbag got stolen. And there was also an incident where my groceries was ALMOST stolen while I was still shopping.

What happened was, I had paid for the diapers I bought for my daughter and later proceeded to the groceries area downstairs of the store. I put the paid diapers in the shopping cart and left it at the side of the aisle coz the cart couldn't fit through the aisle I wanted to go to. When I came back with my groceries, my cart was GONE!!!

I quickly searched the store, thank god the store wasn't that big and found my cart! Some idiot chinese lady took my cart! And I know it was deliberate coz she had already put some items she into the cart itself! When I approached her, she just sheepishly smiled and quickly left the cart! Not even an apology!! I was just relieved to get my cart back that I didn't manage to give her a piece of my mind!

Sigh..I don't even know if her kid could fit into CKD's diapers! Coz she was with her son, about 7 or 8years old. I dunno if she has a younger child but demmit woman! Why in the hell did u TRY (coz I got the cart back!) to steal my cart?!?

Interesting life and experience I've had here. Mostly it's fine here apart from being away from suami. I actually like it here, liking the fact that its a small town with quaint old shops. I still haven't fully explored this town..mainly contributed from my old big city paranoia of going out on my own (yes! I'm scared to go out alone in KL) also from the fact that CKD is going through her 'terrible two' phase early (she knows how to throw tantrums now) so she's almost impossible to handle right now.

But I could live here, and I could NOT live here too..I don't know..I still can't decide.

But what I know is, I'm going back to KL on Monday! Will be there for a week so its gonna be a week worth of food fest for me. Have already made a list of places I wanna go to suami. Hehe..can't wait!

Plus, CKD turns 1 in a 10days time! Time flies eh? Will be having a small dinner just with the family but she will have a special first birthday cake made with love by her aunty Julie! I think her aunty Julie is more excited to make the cake than CKD can even comprehend! Hehe!

So friends! I will be in KL from the 12th til the 19th! Make time to meet up!!!! See you guys soon!

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  1. Have already made a list of places I wanna go to suami.

    go to suami?



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