Mar 8, 2010

When the Fatties Comes Marching In

I had the fatbois over at my place last saturday..Habis peti ais aku kosong!hahahahah!

It was actually supposed to be just Mr. Buih and Amad coz Mr. Buih wanted to take photos of me preggers (part of his [365] project and partly I wanted some nice pics of my preggers days too) and Amad to discuss about some insurance stuffs for my baby.

 "Gemuk gile kau sha! Tak nampak Nizar belakang kau!" - fatbois

But since I've never had the bois over to my place and suami needed to get to know them (cerita je banyak..jumpe jarang), we invited the regulars..Tokya, Shahir, Zano, Keptz, Sophie and Acad. Nothing special prepared..just some carbonara and lasagne (which wasn't enough..not surprised!!) and like I said..they totally cleared out my fridge!hahahah!! Even attempted to eat the glass grapes!!!!hahahahahah!!

It was nice having them those that wasn't invited, sorry! This wasn't really a gathering per say..more of an impromptu thing. I promise I'll organize something with at least enough food to feed you all when I'm more 'larat' ok?

So after some food, headed downstairs for the photoshoot..It was a REALLY HOT night!! and Peah's flash 'takmo kawan'...But he did manage to get a few decent shots of me (I'm not Heidi Klum..yet!) and suami.

Me at 32 weeks...
Will upload the rest of the pics on my FB when I get them from Peah

Since it was a Saturday night, and suami has been itching to go for karaoke...we all decided to go for karaoke at Klang Parade (after mistakenly thought that NewsKTV was at Jusco Bukit Raja)..sejam pun sejam laa..But it was so much fun, laughed till my mouth hurt!! And yes..they sang songs that could put me through labor!!!! (and we discovered our very own Rani Mukherjee..and here I thought we only had 'Kurt' from Glee)

"Geram, jangan engkau geram..Geram! Geram!" - Geram, Black Dog Bone 

Tokya's request to imitate the DiGi ad..

I had a really good evening with the fatbois that night..and so did suami. It's gonna be a LOOOOONGGG time til we will be able to do this kinda thing once the baby arrives..Sorry the food wasn't enough guys but thank you anyway for coming and filling up my long since eventless Saturday night..

If you're interested to get preggers pictures of yourself, Peah is more than happy to do so. You can contact him through his blog or flickr. You can see his work here. Thank you peah! Am loving the pics..including the DiGi ad!!:)

*it felt like old times...kau pun kawan aku dari zaman batu peah!*


  1. ko cakap ko nak pegi singapore.ajak pun tak guna kan?

  2. ala...yang dah jemput tak moh datang pulak...

  3. hahahaa, kalau jemput pun tak dtg. mak ai ada kat kl. saja je buat drama.

  4. sha, comelnya pregnaaaaant!! so bloody comel ok. my god. am super jealous. bleh tak? uhuk.

  5.'d have to give kudos to the photographer for making me look cute..hahah!

    nnt bile kau preggers, kita suruh peah amik gambar kau..mestu cute jugak!tak perlu jealous..real life aku fatty!hahahahah!

  6. sash bila due? boleh tak aku tanya bila hubby ko due? hahaha aku tgk badan dia dah menjadi skrg haha...anyway hoe u guys stay hepi k

  7. hahah!boleh!sile lah tanya suami aku bila due..

    kawan2 aku yang lain dah 8trimester dah mengandung sampai sekarang tak beranak!!hahahahahahah!

    standby anytime from 17april onwards...



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