Mar 26, 2010

I'm Not Fat Enough

I went for my check up today..according to my schedule, I am 34 weeks this week. Normal routine during checkups is my weight, urine and blood pressure. Everything is normal except I've only gained 200grams for the past 2 weeks and baby's head measurement is not according to my due date altho it's femur measured to 34weeks length.

Doctor addressed his concern that both baby and I are not gaining enough weight (I should be gaining about 1kg in 2 weeks) bacause all these while both baby and I were gaining at a consistent rate. If this is to continue, chances are i might have to deliver 3 weeks earlier than my due date (that is in 3 weeks time!!!) in concern that the baby's placenta might not be giving the baby nutrients effectively. On top of that, i have to reduce my movement (walking, working etc ect) so that more blood would flow to the baby instead of my body.

And because of that..I have decided to take my leave earlier than I initially planned to. My paranoia is getting the best of me but I am trying to be optimistic..'s time to get FAT! We'll see how I progress in 2 weeks time. I hope everything will be back on track..else..insya allah i'll be seeing my little one earlier..

It doesn't matter..most importantly is that the baby and i will be strong and well..

Wish me luck everyone..hope both baby and i will get fatter!

*ikan bakar bellamy hari2?? Kalau ada org nak tolong buat home delivery aku go aje!!! Apparently 'debbie' is not debbie enough..:P*


  1. if you're not fat enough, den ni camno plak sha?each months average gaining 1kg je. keep on the positive vibes. all gonna be ok babe :D

  2. try to be positive sha.. takper la gemukkan diri for this few more weeks. nnt kita struggle kurus sama2 k lepas beranak. hahah..all the best to u! aku pun dah start work from home ni.

  3. Kita tak naik sgt takpe as long as baby consistent..oh keeping an optimistic mind about it..

    Takde maknanya work fr home azie..haha!tak work langsung!pasni aku makan tido je til baby is due!both of you mommies-to-be take care ok?

    And no anies..i dont mean yu..yes..debbie not bam bam anymore..:p peah pasti keciwa..

  4. i welcomed you into the fattyhood with open arms...ini yang ko balas kat aku...



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