Sep 8, 2009

Week 7 already?

"Congratulations! Your estimated due date is Sunday, May 02, 2010, which means you're in week 7 of your pregnancy."

Went to and got my due date calculated. Week 7? fast. I haven't even made my doctor's appointment yet. Was thinking of going after raya and trying my very best to fast for the entire of Ramadhan..but sadly, semalam dah kantoi sehari! *makan McDonalds!!hahah!*

Right now, most of the time I'm feeling very nauseous. Although I have yet to throw up like I did the first time (morning and night weyh!!), but I think it's going to happen soon (if it doesn't even better!) But this nauseousness..ya Allah..sabar je la.

The bad news is, I have developed rashes on both arms, belly and both thighs. Went to a GP and said it's kinda weird that I'm developing rashes now since I'm at my early stage of pregnancy. Because rashes would normally develop at the later stages. So the doctor assumes that it's not because of the baby. It has been known for me to develop rashes everytime I'm stressed and ever since I lost my first child, rashes keeps on coming. It could also be due to my hormonal imbalance. So I took primrose oil to balance out my hormones and alhamdulillah, my rashes subsided. But since I am pregnant now, it is not advisable for me to continue my primrose oil intake, not until my 34th week (it's rumoured to help prepare for labor) More about primrose oil and pregnancy here. So as a mitigating action, the doctor prescribed me with piriton (but best to consult your doctor about it). But me being me, I am not training myself to depend so much on piriton (I barely eat panadol..) Jadi menggaru macam beruk laa aku! Plus I am a bit skeptical when taking any chemical substance unless its absolutely unbearable!

So back to my obgyn, still haven't fully confirmed on which one to go to yet, but I have an idea. Not going back to the previous hospital not because they're no good, but too many memories of Arwah there. Kind of torture if I do go back there.

I hope everything goes well this time. Need to keep my stress level down low (good luck with that!) But funny thing is..I seem to be sooooo rajin memasak nowadays. Suami sangat suka..saya sangat pelik..hehe!

Will update after my first doctor's visit.

*we're hoping for twins...hehehe!*


  1. kalau gatal, pakai bedak cap ular.hahaha.memandai je aku. bedak tu jual kat padang besar. hahahahah.panas gile.hiihi.



  2. kalau panas tak dapek jack!rashes aku tu ada macam heat rashes.panas gile!skarang aku main taruk aloe vera gel je

  3. sha, semalam aku makan ayam golek kerinchi...

    sambil teringat kat kau.


  4. peah..benci!

    anies!cepat belanja ayam golek kerinchi!

  5. hhahahhaha.jom la. esok kelas plak. sabtu?

  6. wow..twins? for real?

    gatal2 tuh maybe ekzema kot. aku dah ok dah, sapu ubat and telan pil doctor bagi. tp skrg dia meninggal kan brown spots kat kulit. damn! solution.. bio oil.. ntah jadi ke tak

  7. azie..hahah!twins tu hanyalah angan-angan! tapi kalo betul rezeki..alhamdulillah.....

    eczema mmg berparut.tapi aku rasa aku jenis kulit tebal.a few months nnt parut tu akan fade. but any lotion with vit E shld be ok. bio oil pun ok la kut.tak penah try..

    how are you holding up now?mabuk2 dah habis dah?take care ok...nnt when you're feeling better we'll catch up..

  8. sha, wanted to asked how bad is your morning & night sickness?coz i've been having one too. if tak pening, loya, if tak sakit perut, if tak tah ape2 tah lagi. when normally it ended?my first baby here :p

  9. mariko,


    my morning sickness was pretty bad during my first trimester. at times, everything i eat keluar balik..including air kosong. but the trick is to NEVER let yourself get hungry. during my first trimester dulu, i get hungry every 3 hours ON THE DOT! and if i don't eat something, i will start to feel like vomiting.

    i'm sure mak-mak sume ada pesan makan biskut kering. and yes, it helps although after a while u get so sick of eating biskut kering. I would alternate it with dinner rolls (roti) u can get it at Roti Boy or any bakery actually. and eat in small portions. sbb with my case, tak kira if i had a big lunch or not, pukul 3-4 i akan lapar. and if i have had a huge lunch, perut rasa lapar, tapi tak boleh nak masuk sbb still penuh.weird..i know.and teh'o kosong helps soothe the angin a bit. i was practically drinking teh'o kosong ALL the time during that time.sbb plain water pun i bole rasa loya.

    insya allah the morning sickness will start to go away or reduce when u're coming to your 2nd trimester. now i'm 19 weeks dah and alhamdulillah, i'm almost like a normal person!hehe!cuma tak suka oily food and i must have fruits after every meal.if not cam tak sedap perut.

    hang in there dear..i know it feels like teruk gila.but it will go away soon..u take care ok and feel free to ask me anything.will do my best to share what i know. :)



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