Nov 3, 2010

My New (old) Yellow Dress

So I have been collecting inspirations these past few weeks and I stumbled upon this blog New Dress a Day about this girl who's been making a new dress a day, EVERYDAY from clothes bought from thrift stores and only on a $1/day budget for 365days. She has about a month left before her project year ends.

Since following her crafts and creations, I have started to excessively bloghopped to blogs that are dedicated to sewing, refashioning clothes, crafting etc. And have regretted giving away suami's and my old clothes..there were some nice shirts that would've made GREAT crafting/refashioning materials.

Oh point in crying over spilt milk.

But I did manage to salvage something..My dress here..
I was 5 months preggers when I took this
This dress was soooo comfy to wear when I was preggers. But post-baby, it just looked plain frumpy. After seeing 'magic' done by Marisa of New Dress a Day, I was inspired and knew that I didn't need a miracle (or a sewing machine..please note..I don't have a sewing machine, YET!)

So I took off the last tier of the dress, gave it a new hem and rocked it in Bali!

Better eh? I still need to 'trim' those double-chin and chubby arms tho!
I have plans for the extra fabric I took off for CKD..

oh suami! Please! Please! PLEASEEEEE get me a sewing machine for our anniversary..PLEASE *bat eyelashes*

I have a few more stuffs in my closet that I haven't worn for the longest time, but has sooo much potential thanks to all those blogs I've visited and inspiring me soo much! Just you wait til I get my sewing machine!

You must be wondering since when did I ever learn how to sew..hahaha! Honestly, the only sewing lesson I ever received was from Home Economics (Kemahiran Hidup - Ekonomi Rumah Tangga weyy!) that I took wayyyy back when I was 13 or 15! But I'm VERY confident I can do my mom is ever willing (and i think she's secretly just as excited) to teach me the ropes..yeah!

And that is my 'Be more presentable' and soon 'Be more knowledgeable' Turning 30 added to my list!


  1. thank u sha for introducing that new dress a day blog. mmg berguna utkku jua. byk baju yg bleh dimake-over. its time to be creative

  2. KANNNN! heh!check out the other blogs i've linked too..tu semua memberi inspirasi...



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