Jul 7, 2010

SATC 2 with the Gurls..

It was sooooo over the top! The clothes..the shoes..the places (NYC and Abu Dhabi doo!)..the guys (Lawrence of my Labia!!hahahahah!!) and even the butlers(Paula Abdul?! LOL)! Perfect movie for me and my TKC gurls..

Thanks to Sausan's status on FB for an open invitation to watch SATC 2 and my bold action to actually comment saying that I'm in..a few days later last night..SATC2 it was! (oh my..have I come to this?commenting on someone's FB status considered bold???sigh..) Together with Nenn, Syimi and Pie..we went to create mayhem at GSC One Utama! (so drama..expect nothing less from watching SATC ok..)

I promised myself I wouldn't get sucked into the SATC frenzy..but being with the girls..it felt like our film show nights back in high school which we used to have. We literally made the cinema hall like it was our school hall! The laughing, the "OH MY GOD!!"..so nice...

So ok..now back to the story..

It's your typical every girls' fantasy story..the clothes, the shoes, the glamor and most of all the girlfriends! But the storyline was pretty cool and kinda strike home for me. The dilemma that Charlotte was going through (minus the nanny) is exactly what I'm feeling right now and the solution she found with the girls made me felt ok to have some 'me time' and not feel guilty that someone else is handling my baby girl.

It's funny, it's sad..take out the glamor of the characters..it felt like it was telling the story of my life right now. If only I had the same clothes and shoes that Carrie has!

How many times have I repeated them?? Clothes and Shoes?????? All I can say..it's the PERFECT movie to watch with your girlfriends...the guys won't understand..Plus they had the Australian Rugby team taking a dip in the pool!!hohohoho..cameraman focus BAEKKK punya!hhahahaha!

I had fun..now I'm feeling a bit more like myself again....Thank you babes!!I know your next movie is the Twilight Saga: Eclipse..I'd have to pass on that one (refer previous entry)..but the next chick flick that strikes me..I'm in!

*If only suami would take me to Usher's concert tonight..sigh..he's no Mr. Big..but he's still my suami*



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