Jul 15, 2010

Bila Jiwa Kacau dan Dipukul Keliling..

I am going through one of my most trying moments in my life right now. I'm tired and feeling a little hopeless. It's like being kicked when I'm already down..but I know I will get through this..and when I do..I know I will become stronger than I was and hopefully become the better and bigger person..

I'm sad..I'm stressed..I feel like I'm stuck in here with nowhere else to go. But I know what I must do..at least I must try it. I will smile and brave it all..either on my own or with a hand to hold..But please give me time..to gather all my courage and strength because now..I'm tired of trying to be strong..I'm tired of making them understand that I'm hurt..I'm tired of trying to make them understand me..

Maybe they will never understand..maybe nothing will ever change..I can't change anyone. The change must come from me..

I will change. Please know that if one day you realize that I am different from the person you knew before..I am different because of you..You changed me..you make me become this 'new' person. Good or bad? I don't know and I don't want your judgement..I have done what I have to do.

But I know I don't want to become like you..I will never stoop as low as that. I still have my principles. and I have always..ALWAYS believed in karma. I don't wish for bad things for you..but rather..I wish for good things for myself.

Good things comes to those who wait. So I will wait..in my pain and sadness..I will wait.

Copied from Jerung who copied from http://arieantara.posterous.com/disaat

•Ingatlah pada pepatah,
"Jika kamu tidak memiliki apa yang kamu sukai, maka sukailah apa yang kamu miliki saat ini"
•Belajar menerima apa adanya dan berpikir positif
•Hidup bagaikan mimpi, seindah apapun, begitu bangun semuanya sirna tak berbekas 

•Rumah mewah bagai istana, harta benda yang tak terhitung, kedudukan, dan jabatan yg luar biasa, namun..
Ketika nafas terakhir tiba, sebatang jarum pun tak bisa dibawa pergi
Sehelai benang pun tak bisa dimiliki
Apalagi yang mau diperebutkan
Apalagi yang mau disombongkan 

•Maka jalanilah hidup ini dengan keinsafan nurani
•Jangan terlalu perhitungan
•Jangan hanya mau menang sendiri
•Jangan suka sakiti sesama apalagi terhadap mereka yang berjasa bagi kita 

•Belajarlah tiada hari tanpa kasih
•Selalu berlapang dada dan mengalah
•Hidup ceria, bebas leluasa
•Tak ada yang tak bisa di ikhlaskan
•Tak ada sakit hati yang tak bisa dimaafkan
•Tak ada dendam yang tak bisa terhapus.

*God, please give me the ability to love, forgive and understand..amin..*


  1. haah. apakah? jgn emo. haips.

  2. hang in there, darl... i know u'll get thru this *hugs*

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