Sep 8, 2008

First Trimester

Went to the doctor's last week. I thought I was in my 8th week but apparently the baby only measured to 6th week.

Dah start perangai pelik dah..

Pelik no.1
As you know I just came back from Bangkok. I do apologize but I cannot talk about Bangkok..It makes me want to puke! As a matter of fact..the thought of travelling makes me want to throw up!Don't get me wrong. The trip was ok. But everytime I try to recall the events or the food (not that it was bad) it just makes me nauseous...

Pelik no.2
I kenot puasa..Selalunya not eating the whole day is fine by me. Maybe this is not so pelik la. I am carrying another person in my belly. So saya tak puasa..tapi saya tak bangga dengan fakta ini. Walaupun tak puasa, saya tetap merasa loya.
Pelik no.3
Saya tak suka rumah saya sendiri....I spent the weekend at my in-laws and I refused to go home.It was supposed to be a buka puasa session only (I tried fasting on Saturday..that's how I knew I cannot fast) but we ended up staying there through the whole weekend.

Pelik no.4
Kuat tido. I have not been out of the house after 8pm. I don't seem to have the energy to do so.Saya nak sangat pi lepak kat NZ makan chicken wings dgn kazen2 saya ari Sabtu aritu..tapi sorry la. I couldn't even open my eyes. 8.30pm dah tido!

So far itu aje perangai pelik yang obvious. More to come..I have been warned. Kesian suami saya...

Physically..masih serupa. Cuma org yang dah lama tak jumpa saya mungkin akan cakap saya dah berisi sikit.
But I'm gonna try to be a sport. Here's a little snippet of my Bangkok Trip

Top: Our Drags, Bottom: Pattaya Alcazar Drags


  1. sasha..takpela..biasalah tu kan, pembawakan budak..bawak bersabo.hehe.mcm bagus je aku.

  2. Hi shasha.. got attracted to read ur blog with the "first trimester" title.. heheh..

    Nways,org kata klau kita preggie n kuat tido, then the baby should be a boy! heheh.. I was in that state while carrying aqeel in my tummy..

  3. hi princess fiona..
    kalau kuat tido and kuat muntah how?maybe unidentical twins...hmm..menarik!

    thanks for dropping by!

  4. Wow! bestnya nya klau dpt twinss... huhu *berangan kejap* eeii... tiba2 rasa nk preggie lagi.. hahahah

    p.s: i link kan ur blog ek! tikiu!

  5. princess fiona..
    begitulah harapan si suami..nak anak kembar. tapi saya dah tanya opis..maternity leave tak double kalau anak double..hampa... wld be an honor for me..



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